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Hardrider Motorcycle Magazine is

completely free to access for all readers

from any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

In fact, everything is


like service

manuals (that we are continuously growing),

directory listing of your business or service,

classifieds to find things or sell unwanted

items and even links to copy to social


So while we bring this all to you free of

charge we would appreciate any kind of

small donation to keep us writing and

hosting HardRider Motorcycle Magazine for

you, our reader. Also if you are a writer

upload a draft and pics or direct us to a topic

you think riders might be interested in.

For Advertisers, Hardrider Motorcycle

Magazine is very affordable and our reach is

deep to offset the small cost. Further, we are

growing through our massive email database

to riders, clubs, retailers, service companies,

social media sites, agencies and our

relationships with charities and events. In

addition we are local and national at a time

when people are most clearly shopping in

and outside traditional markets to get what

they want.

If you are an agency, manufacturer,

distributor, retailer or service company,

please contact us for rates at:

. We also sponsor

advertorials and will write your article

included at the regular page rate. Or forward

your ad to the above address and we will

HardRider Motorcycle Magazine is a

new generation digital publication and

source guide. Free Subscription,

Classifieds, Directory Listings, Events,

Motorcycle Manuals to help find the

info you are looking for and promote

your business or service.

HardRider provides state-of-the-art

technology so that you can read our

material or find the information you are

looking for from wherever you happen

to be on whatever platform you are on,

Mac, PC, Tablet, iPad, iPhone or

Android. HardRider is easy to read

from any device.

Sell unwanted parts, products, services

or look for hard to find items, right here


. Your motorcycle

source book.

Over 150,000 subscribers with the

following chapters: Buffalo, Calgary,

Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Edmonton,

Fort Worth, Houston, Las Vegas, Los

Angeles, Miami, New York, Ottawa,

Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio,

San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto,

Vancouver. If your city is not listed and

you want to become a chapter location,




Alan Arthur...............Editor/Publisher

Jan Moore.......................Advertising

Chelsea Ruhtar................Circulation

Rick Myoti........................Production

All articles and material published

within HardRider Motorcycle Magazine

Inc. is copyright protected. Any

reproduction without written permission

by HardRider Motorcycle Magazine Inc.

is strictly prohibited. Opinions,

comments, stories etc are not

necessarily those of the publisher or

publication. All submissions to

HardRider Motorcycle Magazine Inc.

will not be returned and we are not

responsible for any kind of art, ads or




Tel: 647-849-0950

Division of Cloud Publishing Solutions

and Media Communications Group. All

rights reserved. Copyright 2015.

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