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Your Magazine

Reporting and bringing news and topics of interest

to our readers will be a priority for us in 2016. As a

national online magazine that is very adept at being

viewable from anywhere via desktop, ipad, tablet,

iPhone, Android etc., opening your browser and



” is going to be easy to get

and upload and be part of this motorcycle news


It is our hope that you will be part of it. By that we mean report news,

upload stories that you feel are relative. Perhaps upload a story on a local

motorycle builder you think does an exceptional job. We want to hear

information from all sources from everywhere. You can write the story

completely and upload images and video or, you can upload piece of

information with pics and we will write the story and provide you with

credit. Or as we show below you can use your “cell phone” to record pics,

video and recordings and upload to “Upload Story”. You can be part of

this national motorcycle magazine with chapters in many major cities.

Pics, Video and Story clips that are in a text format or recorded to

make it easier for you. Or write it on a note pad then take a pic of

it and email to us at


1. Use your Cell Phone for everything, pics, video and story

recordings. Or for video use your GoPro or Wasp cameras and use

them for events or to capture interviews.

2. Upload any or all of this using our online form. It will accept everything, pics, video and your

printed written story, clips and sound recording. Go to:

and you will also conveniently see it on our cover page “


Most everyone is carrying an advanced mobile phone, so everything

that is needed is right there in that phone (pics, video, sound

recording for dictation, browser, upload, email and

Hardrider Motorcycle Magazine).

If you want to get even more involved in HardRider Motorcycle

Magazine as an exclusive agent in your area for advertising, stories

etc., please contact us at:

. We think you will find it quite rewarding.

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