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you have for your motorcycle, the great cost and

protection you are going to have to take to make

sure it is safe.

In this article we will look at a

number of security devices so that

you will get a rating of where you

feel best being at to stop thieves. If

you have a stock bike with great

insurance with not much personal

attachment, then perhaps a basic

deterrent is good enough for you. If on the other

hand, you have a bike you like and you have put a

lot of money into it you will want

heavier security. And lastly, look at

some of those Harleys out there that

have so much custom hard to find

accessories, paint, custom this and

that where this bike would be

considered irreplaceable....the you

need the highest level of security.

While it is true “sport bikes” are a

number one target, the reason for

this is demand and the fact that two

or three guys can simply lift them into the back of a

pickup truck or van in 2 minutes and

be at their rip down in 15


But while there are a lot of thieves

that are comlete dummies, there are

many that know all about GPS

tracking and what, how, when and

where to get their next pockeful of


Also there is a difference between

stealing a bike in Canada vs stealing a bike in the

USA. One big detterent down there....guns. Not so

much here. But don’t think any biker is going to let

his bike get jacked to easily.

Ok, so now that we have said that lets talk about

security levels and the products in each. Remember

no security system is perfect, but we will do our best

to show you a near perfect system.

Basic Disc Locks & Disk Alarm Locks

These are the first level or the very basic defence

deterrent. However, if you are going

this way, save your money from

going with the “alarm disk locks” all

the makes and brands we tested,

including Xena, the alarm sometimes

worked and sometimes didn’t. About

50/50. In fact, we found them a pain

in the ass arming them and trying to

find out why they didn’t arm or work.

We spent more time with these than any other

security device only to come to the conclusion that a

disk lock provides basic security, the

disk lock alarm, if it works is great,

but not dependable and for us not

worth paying the extra fee for the

alarm only to find later that you are

going to take the battery out and not

use it. The alarm should be 120Db or

higher which the Xena was. Others

fell short, but all alarms in our opinion

were flawed.There are also videos

out there that show how easy it is to

break a disk lock with 2 flat head

screw drivers. Basic protection from rolling yoour

bike away, so it would have to be

lifted unless thieves did break the


Chain Locks

Chain locks are good for at home or if

on a trip to another city and you are

away from your bike, you can chain

to a post or tree etc. I know...whatt?

But if you are away overnite at lets

say a friends, chain the bike to a

fence or something. Its a deterrent. A

steering lock can be broken by sitting on the seat

with your legs up and fee on the bars, it snaps in

seconds. What you don’t want is peopel to wheel it

away, down the street into a van.

Chain locks are also good in an underground

garage. Some people will have a chock in a parking

spot that is wide and hard to manipulate and then

the front wheel chained to the chock. The problem

with chains, even the heaviest, is that they can be