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never have to reach for the remote to protect the


- With FM technology, the SR-i900 transceiver is

capable of receiving alarm triggers from up to ½ Mile

away from the motorcycle.

- A built-in

accelerometer that

detects both impact

and changes of

angles with a high

degree of accuracy.

- A built-in

programmable multi-

tone siren is

included. To ensure

durability, it is

manufactured to

meet OEM specs.

- The optional

Perimeter Sensor

provides a remote

activated microwave

sensor that detects

motion in mass

around the motorcycle protecting your saddlebags,

luggage and other external accessories. It is

sensitivity adjustable, and easily turned on or off as

needed. No additional installation necessary, the

easy to use addition simply plugs in to the accessory


- Programmable override code to disarm alarm.

- Anti-hijack feature.


Pricing is approximate and in USD. The i900 is $330

and the Perimeter sensor is $50.

Availability: Full services from Ride Scorpio,

Scottsdale Arizona.

GPS Security, Shock, Tilt, Perimeter

The Rolls Royce and Ultimate motorcycle security

and protection system. While most or all alarms do

their best to protect before an attack on your

motorcycle, Scorpio Ride does this plus provides

protection after thieves have taken your bike.

RIDE is much more than just a tracking system. RIDE

incorporates a state of the art security system to

deter theft as well as the ability to track and recover

your vehicle if it is stolen. The GSM/GPRS

technology keeps you connected from anywhere,

allowing you to control

alarm, tracking and

reporting functions

with our free iPhone or

Android application or

with any smartphone

or browser. In addition,

RIDE allows you to

share maps of your

favorite rides, get ride

stats, progress reports

and more and you can

have a lot of fun with

the specs of where

you have been, how

fast you were going

with friends etc. GPS

is accurate to within 20


If your motorcycle is stolen, With current and

historical reporting capabilities, RIDE will report

where your motorcycle is and where it has been. In

the case of theft, activating emergency mode will

generate a PIN number that you can give to the

police. The police can then log in with that PIN and

immediately locate the stolen vehicle. Scorpio self

powers for an acceptable duration. Even then

software will provide a tracking map randomly of the

bikes direction and stations before shutting down.

GPS, Telematics & Security in one. Fitted in minutes

at home: simply connect to your motorcycle battery

and ignition source with the provided connectors.

Ride employs a cloud-based server-to-device

architecture so that you can securely access your

Ride data from any device, anywhere.

Record Rides, access previous ride stats, send

security commands, check maintenance reminders,

and monitor your bike remotely. Available on Android/

iOS & Mac/PC.

With advanced tamper sensors, movement detection,