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and security level configurations, you will know if

there is trouble - as it happens. Configure push,

SMS, and email notifications and receive an alert

instantly if someone

is tampering with

your motorcycle.

Keep tabs on your

bike and receive

alerts instantly for


events. Rest

assured that Ride

will always be on

alert. Allow



temporary live

access to your

stolen bike’s

location by giving

them a simple pin-


Ride Core

This comes with Tilt and Shock feature components.

Secure Kit

This adds perimeter component.


Available on thru Scorpio with benefits.


Pricing is approximate and in USD. Ride Core is

$350. Security Kit is $160. Dataplan is $12/month for

USA and $13/month Canada/USA. The dataplan is

only available through Scorpio Ride which is actually

a good thing (using AT&T network). A big benefit is if

you put your bike away for awhile (say you are in the

north and its winter) you can cancel/hold your

monthly payment at no cost until you want it

activated again.

Availability: Full services from Ride Scorpio,

Scottsdale Arizona.


To truly get the best security there is no single

solution. Strong security requires using a number of

these deterents.

As well, most of

these security

devices are for

stopping your bike

from being stolen.

The only one that

has after theft

security is the

Scorpio Ride with


So we hope that

we have been

helpful in providing

some options for

you to make sure

bike is not an easy

target for would be thieves.